I was born on a farm outside a small town in West Virginia due to a blizzard. My mother gave birth at home with the help of a midwife because the roads were out. We moved, and I ended up growing up mostly in Missoula, Montana after a slight detour in Albuquerque. Missoula was a fabulous place to grow up for me and I loved the wide open spaces and wildness.

There were plenty of outdoor adventures to get lost in and my childhood peers who grew up as early teens in the 90’s were the last group to grow up unplugged. The Internet was not yet easy or fast, phones all had cords attached to them and generally all the fun was to be had outside. We still played computer games though–I remember fondly LAN parties with Duke Nukem 3D and DOOM–but Montana had too much to offer outside to stay inside for too long. Now I live in Los Angeles, California and sometimes dream of simpler times.